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Call for Papers

Call for papers for Democracy, Human Rights, and Environmental Justice in Latin America: Past, Present, and FutureMALAS is interdisciplinary and welcomes papers on a variety of Latin American topics such as:

Political Change

Democratic Processes

Natural Resources


Latinos in the U.S.

US-Latin American Relations

Environmental Studies

Culture and Identity

International Relations

Sustainable Development

Free Trade Agreements

Literature, Art, Music

Gender Roles

Economic Policies

History & Landscape

Migration Topics

Indigenous Peoples

New Technologies

Social Justice & Human Rights

Country Studies

Regional Economic Integration

Caribbean Topics

Latin American Cinema

Other paper topics welcome! Prizes for Student Papers.

Proposal deadline: August 30th, 2019.


Please send by email title of paper, 150 word abstract and contact
information (name, affiliation, address, phone, and email) to: J.D. Bowen at jbowen5@slu.edu 
or Gregory Schmidt at gdschmidt@utep.edu

Inquiries regarding paper proposals may be addressed to J.D. Bowen (e-mail jbowen5@slu.edu; phone 314-977-4239).