DATESNovember 19th - 21st 2022

LOCATION: Santa Cruz & Cochabamba, Bolivia

HOST UNIVERSITY: Universidad Privada Boliviana


The Midwest Association for Latin American Studies is holding its 72nd annual conference in Bolivia. Presenters are encouraged to travel and attend the event in person. Special events have been programmed for participants to gain an immersive experience. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to gather in person in the middle of the South American continent. 


Bolivia shares its borders with five neighboring nations. The Andes Mountain range runs through the country and the mountainous terrain coupled with its location in the tropics result in a wide range of ecosystems and lands rich in mineral resources. Castilian, Bolivian Spanish, is the dominant language but many speak other dialects and Native American languages such as Aymara or Quechuan. The conference will be held in two modern cities, each with its distinct culture and identity. 


The host institution is Universidad Privada Boliviana. UPB has multiple campuses and MALAS will be at the Santa Cruz campus and the Campus at Cochabamba. 


November 19-20, 2022 • Santa Cruz (


November 21, 2022 • Cochabamba (

This will require a domestic flight, but the cost is reasonable. 


All travel expenses will be incurred by individual participants. More information will be provided, and this website will be updated with travel recommendations.